„Germany is a service desert …“

This statement (unfortunately often a fact) we have announced the fight!

You can expect the following free services from us if required:


Contemporary, expressive and informative – an ad text that should convince must be geared to the needs of your target group.

The more precisely a job advertisement is formulated, the greater the chance of addressing qualified and above all suitable applicants!

In many job advertisements you can not see the phrases anymore because of banalities. We help you to decisively improve the comprehension of the text. We warn against unnecessary anglicisms, phrases, long words, long sentences and repetitions. This will make your job postings more emotional, more creative and more vibrant.



We help you to make your job advertisements non-discriminatory and thus AGG-safe or publish.

The AGG (General Equal Treatment Act) states the following:

1. Disadvantages for a reason stated in § 1 are inadmissible in accordance with this Act in relation to:

2. employment and working conditions, including pay and conditions for dismissal, in particular in individual and collective agreements and measures in the implementation and termination of employment and in promotion

3. access to all forms and all levels of career guidance, vocational training including vocational training, continuing vocational training and retraining, as well as practical work experience

4. membership and participation in an association of employees or employers or an association whose members belong to a particular professional group, including the use of the services of such associations

5. social protection, including social security and health services

6. the social benefits

7. education

8. access to and supply of goods and services available to the public, including housing.

A violation of this law can have fatal consequences:

„AGG-Hopper“ are people who sue employers for (alleged) discrimination for compensation as a sideline. In this „business model“, job advertisements are specifically searched for discriminatory criteria. These are, for example, when women, older people or certain religious beliefs are excluded. If the application does not succeed – which is what is desired – then the employer will be taken advantage of under the AGG.

We support you with this sensitive topic to protect you from dangers!


Our editing includes the spelling, stylistic and grammatical improvement or correction of your texts.


Your ad layout has to be right, because „the first impression counts!“

It should fit:

  • to your company, or your corporate design,
  • to the advertised position
  • to the target audience you want to reach!

An appealing and professional design of your ad conveys a positive image for your business and thus arouses the interest of potential applicants – the business card of your company!

It can be specifically process your images or you can be surprised by our creativity! Your ad will only work after your approval ONLINE!


While the look and position of your ad in the newspaper ad plays a crucial role in your success, the key question in the online sector is which applicants will find your bid.

The categorization and keywording (keywords) is immensely important, so that the jobseekers, so your potential candidates, can find the right position about the job search of the respective job market. These additional information that is hidden from your ad will be responsible for the outcome of how many suitable candidates will find your ad.



Since we are very involved in the task of the job posting process for you, we go to the premise: „Cobbler, stick ‚to your last“ before and thus work with reputable recruiters . Together Enjoy together discussing our network Let your project! and we make the contact to the right Direct Searcher!

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, many companies are no longer able to reach their goal using conventional methods in their recruitment. Also your ad was not successful? Already over a longer period they do not get suitable applications? Their conclusion: The method of post-and-Pray recruiting – so advertise job and wait – has served its time.

As a matter of fact, the more demanding or the more specific the position, the lower the propensity to advertise.

This gives you one last chance: the direct approach, called Direct Search or Active Sourcing.

Personnel consultants or headhunters or executive searchers specialize in actively approaching professionals in the payroll, „provide energy from the outside and demonstrate the benefits of changing jobs“.

The direct contact with promising applicants can be made at trade fairs, events, over the own circle of friends or colleagues – in principle, even when traveling by subway or tram. But of course also on the internet via social media or CV databases.

In advance, potential candidates are searched for in all relevant databases on the basis of previously defined criteria and then addressed. The contact is made via a motivating cover letter.

The exact procedure of a personnel consultant looks like this:

1. Recording a detailed job profile

This ensures that exactly your ideas of the ideal candidate are available and can be searched accordingly.

2. Conduct an environmental analysis

Here, the environment in which the candidate is employed and should act is analyzed.

3. Perform an audience analysis or motivation analysis

A survey will be conducted on the candidates of the target group to determine why they are changing, what are the motivations of the potential candidates and their objectives, etc.

4. Search

The target group of firms to be contacted is identified and the candidates in question are identified.

5. Address qualified candidates

After the analysis, one is now able to evaluate the information obtained in such a way that an optimal approach with high success rate is made.

6. Qualifying candidates through interviews

In-depth interviews will be held with suitably qualified candidates, in particular with regard to their qualifications.

7. Presenting the candidates

Suitable candidates will be presented to you.

8. Contract signing between you and the candidate

An employment contract is concluded with the selected candidate.

9. Cancellation of the other candidates

The other candidates will be canceled in such a way that nevertheless in the future this potential can be used. This approach ultimately benefits all clients.

10. Care after taking up work

If necessary, you will be supported to assist.

Just in case

If, contrary to expectations, a mediated candidate leaves their home during the probationary period of 6 months, or if you have to give notice to him, it may be that a new employee must be found for you without calculating the performance (depends on the contract).


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